The Worker Next Door

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Matt Clendening Eng 1301 6th 1/24/10 Klepper The Worker Next Door

In the essay “The Worker Next Door” written by Dr.Chris Chiswick, the author addresses the illegal immigrant problem in America, and gives several questionable reasons how if the flow of illegal immigrants were deterred, jobs would still be filled, and life would go on as usual, or even better. Dr.Chiswick wrote a not too convincing essay, having many places where he could have improved or even left out certain parts of his essay that would have made this writing better, and more realistic to his audience. I spotted a couple areas where the author went on a tangent of barely related areas to illegal immigration. Along with that, it doesn’t really seem like he tried to …show more content…

Have you noticed how in this very essay, there doesn’t seem to be a nice flow between topics, and that things may at times, seem fairly irrelevant to the subject at hand? This is how i felt while reading “The Worker Next Door”. Chiswicks organization is flawed, jumping from claim to claim

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