The World : A Short Story

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Small flames erupted into a brilliant blaze, oxygen fueling the size as gasoline continues to burn. Standing in the shadows, with nothing more than a psychotic grin giving away his location, his dark eyes watched as the flames began to consume everything in its path. Low laughter rumbled in his chest before it spilled out into the night, twisting into the crackling sound as sparks flew into the air. It was as if the sparks danced with the smoke that billowed higher and higher. It was a mesmerizing sight, leaving a feeling of the purest satisfaction to wash over him and consume him like the night consumed the world. Every aspect of the chaos unleashed was meticulously planned. The screams of the people rang out like music to his ears as …show more content…

“You cannot stay here, miss. It’s much too dangerous. There are a bunch of us trying to get as many people away from the carnage as possible.” There was kindness in his voice and an honest glimmer in his eyes that made her let him bring her to her feet. Too trusting was all he could think. Heading off into the night, Toshizou lead the way, taking her to a house that was hours away from where they started. He stopped at the end of the walkway leading up to the front door, taking a moment to look down at her being met once again with those captivating eyes. Once again he offered a kind smile, his facade quickly falling as his lips curved into a smirk that might have even made the bravest man cry. Laughter once again spilled from him, a large hand grabbing onto her wrist and holding tightly. He watched as the twinkle in her eyes fades, a fearful expression suddenly etched upon her features. “Such a gullible young woman you are and now that we’re here there is no escape for you.” With his hand still gripping her wrist tightly, he dragged her towards the door and up the steps. Every ounce of strength she put into her struggle was countered by his own strength and soon he shoved her down, holding onto the back of her shirt. His free hand slid into his pocket as he pulled a cigarette and a lighter from within it. He watched down at her, placing it between his lips and lighting it up before he knocked on the

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