The World Bank : An Anti Poverty Bank

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The World Bank, created after World War II by the superpowers, is supposed to be an anti-poverty bank. The idea behind it was to help people out of poverty, through projects, and give them an economic opportunity. The projects were mainly concentrated on less developed areas in developing countries, where the World Bank provides loans for capital programs. The World Bank Group states their mission as to end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity. After 71 years today, more than 60% of the African population depend on land for subsistence (FAO, 2015), the most it has ever been. This puts into question why these world problems not only remain, but increase. Poverty is persisting around the globe, and African countries are among the lowest ranked in Gross Domestic Product per capita. Despite the mission of ending poverty, a new report showed the worldwide destructive legacy of World Bank projects (Prupis, 2015).

Description of the failed Office du Niger Project

Many of the failed International Development Projects in Africa started as good ideas. One such project is the Office du Niger project. The Office du Niger was started in Mali while France had colonized West Africa, and it was the dream of a French engineer that the water of the Niger River could be diverted for irrigation of cotton farms. In general, it was a big loser for many decades because the cotton and rice that was being cultivated was always at a net loss. Then, in the…

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