The World Called the Titamentum Essay

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In 2078, air pollution becomes really bad in the world that people start builds a giant tall building to where they can live. Inside the giant-tall building, the world called the Titamentum (Tutamentum inspiration).

The world is divided into 3 parts. Green, yellow and red districts. Green district is the part that human civilization can still live in and still surrounded by natural plant and animal life. The rich live here at the. The yellow district being the parts of nature still fighting against the pollution. The middle class people live here, seeking out of a living. And Red District being the toxic wastelands caused by pollution. Although, it should not even possible for humans to live in Red District the poor people live in this
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If the environment were to be restored, everyone would benefit, except the Maxius Corporation, as they will lose their status and power to the world. So they plan to kill Xavier.

Shortly, he heard an unexpected conversation about a plan to kill him. Luckily, he could escape to the lower district along with his Airtec suitcase, where he keep the formula. (custom suitcase)

In his journey into the lower district, he was shocked that there are no bandits, since there was really nothing to rob and the people are far too weak. They die painfully and are forgotten by other people that they are related to. It was really sad for him to see other people suffering and they do not help although they could have.

Subsequently, Xavier told them of who he is, why he is there and introduce his solution to the world’s problems. Although they disregard him and cannot seem to understand anything other than dying for they do not have enough oxygen to breathe and energy.

The Maxius Corporation let Xavier escaped from the lab in purpose. They knew he was going to the lower district. Therefore, after Xavier’s little speech did not work out. The corporation broadcast the entire Titamentum, telling Xavier is a terrorist, who is dangerous and armed. Anyone having information about him must come forward and inform the authorities.

The Red District people seem uninterested, then they mention of reward and the
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