The World During The Cold War Essay

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There are differences found between the world during the Cold War and the present in terms of security challenges and issues faced by states when investigating the fine details of documents and actions but when retrospective on overall effect and our current global situation there are significant similarities can be found. The security and protection of the state has fundamental always been a priority of importance for any government or organisation since the unforeseen end to the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. There has been astonishing steps taken by the international community to create global tranquillity amount states and to bring end to military conflict during this ‘New World Order’ but through revision of the…show more content…
The shift expanded from protecting the state from external military threats to including an umbrella of new topics revolving around human rights. This also changes the military as the main key institution involved in security by including the criminal justice system and waste management agencies which are liable for crime and environmental dangers respectively. Barry Buzan from the Copenhagen School employ the five political sectors which are military, political, economic, society and environment as the main framework in critical studies that broadened from traditional approaches. Representation of what states should be focusing security on has been widened with wider categories.
Similarities are found within the basic aspects between traditional and critical security studies. The use of historical studies on issues such as nuclear crises and US grand strategies through military and diplomatic means have still been used on security studies to understand and identify challenges in for the state. (Walt 1991, Pg. 218) Conventional warfare and the challenge to rational deterrence theory which sets territorial boundaries for states are also unescapable concepts.
Security challenges arising after the Cold War were definitely different in the way they were fought over new ideologies and over new borders, in response the global community through the actions and the protocols

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