The World Epidemic On Gay Marriage

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When American citizens hear the word “gay,” what is the first connection that pops into their mind? Does it mean happiness, love, or does it have a negative connotation? Throughout the years, the world epidemic on gay marriage has always been a controversy in the press. In the 1600s, if a gay man or woman practiced sodomy, they were put to death (ProQuest Staff “LGBT”). From the 1600s to the current day, gay rights are still a critical political debate in today’s society that needs a solution. For one to understand at this problem, he or she needs to analyze the causes and effect of this solution. To understand the background about the homosexual issue, citizens need to look at the early history that is different than the solution today.…show more content…
Throughout the early years, gay rights therefore have changed. More gay rights have been given today. While going into present day, history is still in the making. Definitions, rules, and also outlooks have changed. In today 's time, the slang word "closet," means homosexuals who were hidden and not labeled as gay (Abelove B14). The word was first used in the 1960s and is still used today as "coming out of the closet" (Abelove B14). Gay slang terms that are used today have been used throughout history for several decades. The gay rights movement started in the United States in 1969. During the gay rights movement, a challenge that appeared was the AIDS epidemic in 1980s (ProQuest Staff “Topic”). The epidemic was a setback for the gay community. The public and press were not very impressed with AIDS crisis and it put history in the making on hold. On June 26, 2015, however, the United States Supreme Court finalized that same-sex marriage is to be legal though every single state. History is being made as America sees it. Many rules have been changed throughout history by slang words in society, and the gay rights movement encountered some difficult challenges. The gay ancestors have come to very tough decisions, punishments, and acceptance. The United States, however, has moved forward in recognizing the gay community and giving them more freedom that the community has wanted all along. Due to several different causes about this
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