Advertisements : Weapons Of Influence On Consumers

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Advertisements are everywhere, they are pervasive just as much as they are persuasive. Why are advertisements so persuasive though? That’s because marketing has evolved to the point that they have a whole range of marketing tactics which target specific audiences and spikes attention. One method that is popular is using celebrities or idols in marketing. They are a weapon of influence, they play on appeals, over-playing these appeals can cause ad wear-out, as well can impact those who watch television habitually. Of course, these are not the only types of weapons used in advertising that affect the viewers. The way celebrities are used in advertising affects societies behavior and can impact almost anyone. Advertisements claim their intentions are visible when in fact they are rather intricate. They use weapons of influenced to “intentionally persuade audiences” (Pg. 206). A common weapon of influence on audiences is called “liking”, or people we like. “If we like someone, we are more susceptible to being influenced by that person” (Pg.206). This is powerful because celebrities endorse for many products and the audience absorbs it in. Often the younger audience becomes more susceptible to these types of advertisements and end up following products by buying or even becoming involved. To elaborate on becoming involved, this takes a closer look at Generation Like, a video that studies the connection and how marketers can connect directly with the audience. They use

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