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2017 Ryan Heffington’s unconventional style has the public wide-eyed and craving more. From his choreographic work in Sia’s Chandelier and Elastic Heart videos, among many others, Heffington’s name is on the frontier of the commercial dance, film, music, fashion and film industries (“Sir Heffington”). His work parallels the definition of edgy. The public has experienced his work at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hammer Museum L.A.C.E. gallery, L.A. County Museum of Art, and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Museum of Contemporary Art. He has choreographed over 10 music videos, reaching success and award nominations both in the U.S. and the U.K. Heffington can be compared to a modern day Jack Cole, as both artists delved into the world of …show more content…

Of 56 documented cases of violence, only 19 victims reported the crimes to the police. The police only took statements from 8 of those cases and only 4 led to arrests (“Jamaica”). LGBTIA people are many times hunted and chased out of their homeland. They seek refuge in countries such as Canada because it is the only way to escape the discrimination of the people and government in Jamaica. Many LGBTIA Jamaicans are denied full citizenship rights and in turn become homeless, forced to live in the sewers, hiding from the harassment from the people and the police. The Offences Against the Person Act states that it is illegal to engage in “acts of gross indecency” and “buggery,” which is anal sex (Lewis). Buggery refers to sex between two males and this law is targeted toward gay men, while there are no laws that target lesbians or their conduct (Lewis). Heffington’s choreography from the controversial Grammy nominated video “We Exist” played an imperative role in opening a discussion and promoting equality through dance. The video was released in May of 2014, which was a time of growing acceptance for LGBTIA community in the United States. This music video and its message of self-empowerment and acceptance of each other’s sexual orientation has been a driving force of positivity to not only the LGBTIA community, but also society as a whole. Win Butler explained that the idea for “We Exist” came about as he talked to these kids in Jamaica and

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