The World Of The New World

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Which group of people had the most difficult time being accepted in America and why? When looking at the migrations of various europeans coming to the new world it becomes clear that not all groups faced the same level hardships and trouble with integration. While many groups faced discrimination one group stands out mainly due to the amount of attention that their presence garnered. I feel that the Irish had the most difficult time for the size of their population when compared to other european groups. One of the largest waves of migration from the Irish came about from the potato blight, which had devastated the Irish and caused massive famine. While many groups like the English, German, and French sought opportunity in the new world …show more content…

It’s apparent that one of the large factors in the discrimination of the Irish was their faith. One of more damaging aspects of discrimination is the practice of stereotyping, and once again it appears that the Irish were portrayed in a much worse way than English, German, or French immigrants. Nativists would lead the charge and paint the newly arrived immigrants as short tempered, old-fashioned, and drunkards. Examples of political cartoons published during the nineteenth century depict Irish immigrants as having animalistic features and violent.[3] While many of these people had come to America with little job skills and hardly no real wealth after the journey and many employers, influenced by many of these stereotypes, would not the Irish and would even display signs saying “No Irish Need Apply”.[4] The discriminatory practices implemented against employing certain immigrants hit the Irish hard because groups like the Germans had previously moved from ghettos into areas like Pennsylvania where they could provide for their own communities by implementing their own tradesmen and skilled labor. And the French assimilated fairly well throughout much of the country, so the French stereotypes diminished over time. Discrimination can take many forms and impact a people in different ways, however with the Irish much of this discrimination was institutionalized and impacted levels of society in areas like

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