The World Of The Soviet Union

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Space Race What would the History of the world have be if the United States never landed on the moon, but instead the Soviet Union was successful at sending cosmonauts to the moon and were the first humans to ever step foot on a celestial body? This is what I wanted to explore in my research, this is all subjective we cannot go back in time to see what the outcome would have been if it never happened the way it did. The idea has been talked about even with the sceptics who think the whole moon landing in 1969 was a hoax to give the United States the title and make the Soviets stop pursuing the moon landing. In this paper I want to give a little history of actual events and then examine ideas of alternative events. Towards the end of 1957 the Soviet Union Launched the first man made satellite in space called Sputnik I on October 4th and that event changed history forever (, 2010). Sputnik wasn’t much as far as what we know as satellites today it was just a sphere that sent radio signals back to earth while it orbited the earth in low orbit for 3 months. The population of the United States now feared how much more technology advanced the soviets were compared to the Americans who at the time only thought about putting satellites in space for surveillance of foreign countries especially the soviets. One month later the Soviets successfully launched Sputnik II which this time carried the first dog into space named Laika which orbited for a week before returning to

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