The World Revolves Around Technology

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The world revolves around technology. As technology has increased over the years so has social media. Social Media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. The use of social media has become easier and faster through the use of applications that can be quickly downloaded from a smart phone or tablet on the go. The easy access makes for a diverse audience, not only targeting young teens, but also parents, teachers, grandparents as well as people all over the world. Social Media is like one big diverse chat room where anyone may join in with an opinion; many from the other side of the world. Social media dose not target an age, race or culture, but it expands its wings to people from all over the world. Social media has made it possible to connect the world from a small screen. The biggest social media website today is Facebook. For many years Facebook has gathered millions of users, some which admit to having several profiles. Imagine not being able to communicate with far away relatives or friends, not being able to share pictures or videos. Social media has brought joy to many around the world missing out on important dates back home, but can view the outcome with just a click of a button. Being involved in social media such as Facebook empowers the world to have free speech and encourages the use of technology. With the use of Facebook also comes free world communication, free marketing, local and
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