The World Should Stop Their Population From Reaching 9 Billion

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The world should stop its population from reaching 9 billion in 2050 by creating several laws ensuring that women have the average number of children of 2.1. This is important because in the future if/when the world becomes overpopulated, the quality of life itself will decrease. It is so extremely important to work to limit the world population growth because not only will the world become overpopulated with people, but the quality of those people’s lives will equal to nothing. Nobody wants that for themselves. So that is why it important to fix this epidemic now, before it’s too late. Because the world’s population has been increasing so much over the past few decades, it has been proved that this dilemma will greatly affect everyone’s future. Experts have predicted that over a time period of 50 years, the population will peak at 9 billion people. Even though there has been an extreme increase on the world in generals population lately, in some parts of the world the population has actually decreased. An example would be Europe. Their population has been steadily decreasing with a population of 738 million people today and 646 million people in 2050. Other countries have been steadily increasing. An example would be Chad. Their population has been steadily increasing by 3.3% per year. Countries like Chad are having tons of problems because of their overpopulation. They have a huge strain on major resources, therefore conflicts over water are beginning to occur between

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