Population Growth Is A Crisis Or Not?

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Population growth is a great concern of some scientists and this topic has been debating for decades. Increasing of population has been put pressuring on natural resources because of demands of production and consumption are high. According to the BBC horizon documentary (2009), number of current population is about seven billion, seven times more than the last 10,000 years. One main factor of rapid population growth is eliminating from infected diseases. In the last 10,000 years people had a huge problem with infected diseases such as measles, malaria, cholera and smallpox and this could prevent population. When number of population increase, demand of food production and consumption go up and this requires a lot of natural resources to be exploited. Therefore, population growth could be a crisis or not?
From Neo-Malthusianism or deep green perspective, capable of the earth to produce resource is limited compare to rates of human’s consuming pattern. In his essay, Malthus states that power of the earth 's production is simply less than power of the population (cited in BBC horizon documentary 2009). This view is supported by another research, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF 2008) indicates global ecological footprint in 1988 was over the earth 's productive capacity and by 2005 it will be more than 30 per cent of the earth’s capacity (cited in Harding, R, Hendriks, &, Faruqi, M 2009). If we continue to absorb a mass consumption, we will be living in rare natural resources
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