The World War I Was Not A Harbinger Of Peace

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Concluding World War I was not a Harbinger of Peace
The end of World War I was supposed to end all wars, although ultimately, it caused another. The Axis Powers of World War II found that they were majorly defiled by the conclusion of World War I and adjudged that they needed to start another. The three main factors that induced the Axis Powers to start the war were; the Treaty of Versailles, the rise of right-wing activist parties in Germany and the unsuccessfulness of the League of Nations.
The Treaty of Versailles was an incredible contributor Germany’s depression and their longing for war. Woodrow Wilson, from the US, George Clemence, from France, and Lloyd George, from Britain, all gathered to determine the conditions for the treaty. …show more content…

Although Italy was given some land, they coveted Dalmatia, but it was eschewed from them. Japan and Italy both greatly wanted to increase their borders, but the Treaty refused their begrudging wishes. The German people at this stage merely wanted to keep their land, but lost 27,000 square miles and one-tenth of its population to the Treaty, as well as all of their German colonies. The German people were incredibly dissatisfied with the government agreeing to the treaty’s demands and political unrest began.

The social and economic upheaval caused by the war and the treaty, started a destabilization of Germany’s democracy and gave rise to many radical right wing parties. The Left Wing parties that were leading Germany at the end of World War I, had seemingly betrayed the countries honour to a disgraceful peace treaty, when no enemy had ever stepped foot on German soil. The devastation and loss during the war caused additional national despair. To try and control the people, the government imprisoned many radical parties for civil unrest. Radical parties served heavy prison sentences. Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in jail, however, after only 9 months, due to vast amounts of political pressure on the government supporting the Nazi party, he was released. Hitler managed to use his short time in prison to write his “Mein Kump” and enhance his oratorical skills. Upon his release Hitler was a politician to be reckoned with. The year of

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