The World War II ( Wwii )

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“I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing. I was not even there!” Some people remember these words from Sgt. Schultz in the series Hogan’s Heroes, that ran from 1965 till 1971 on TV. Many people, when they hear someone is from Germany or is German, assume that these people are or have relations to the Nazi Regime. But only a few know, that during the World War II (WWII), there were a few German non-violent resistance groups. These groups tried to “fight” the Nazis from within. Just to mention a few, there was the student circle who called themselves the White Rose, another one was the Kreisau Circle, another group was The Swing Kids. But did these non-violent movement groups had any effects on the outcome of World War II?

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He reported them to the Gestapo, who later picked also Christopher Probst up, and brought them down to the Gestapo station, where they were questioned, incarcerated, swiftly trialed for ‘high treason’ and on February 22nd 1943 executed. “When the guard came to his (Hans Scholl) cell to take him to the court for sentencing, Hans looked at the prison wall and smiled. He had written the words of Goethe that his father had often repeated: ‘Hold out in defiance of all despotism’.” (Henderson, 2005 p.42)
At Professor Huber’s trial, Kurt Huber used the words of Johann Gottlieb Fichte (a German poet 1762-1814) in his defense speech: “And thou shalt act as if on thee and on thy deed depended the fate of all Germany, and thou alone must answer for it.” The White Rose was maybe not well organized when it came to standing up against the Nazi genocidal policies, but they made their voices to be heard. “They inspired other student resistance, which included a riot, street march and graffiti, while their movement was reported internationally, inspiring German POWs to write leaflets that were duplicated and airdropped by their Russian captors.” (Branagan, 2014 p.31-38)

Another non-violent

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