The World Wide Web As A Practitioner 's Perspective

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According to Mark Pallen, “The world wide web is the crowning glory of the internet, providing a uniform, user friendly interface to the net.” The world wide web is the system that connects the internet together, and therefore connects the entire world. Without the interface of the world wide web, the internet would simply be a collections of ones and zeros, not the place of communication, learning, and collaboration it is. The world wide web was the most influential improvement of the 1990s because it globalized government, business, and the public, therefore connecting all aspects of life for Americans and people around the world even in modern day.
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With the possibility for public communication through the world wide web, governments also have to communicate. This newfound communication between governments, in reality, benefits the people most. In Geoffrey Garrett’s report on Globalization and Government Spending around the World, he argues that the world wide web helps to maintain honesty in the government and its policies, “The common metaphor of a globalization-induced race to the bottom suggests that governments are under heavy efficiency pressures to reduce their economic policy activism to promote competitiveness and to keep mobile capital within national borders.” Now that citizens have access to an abundance of information, the world wide web acts as a police to encourage the government to treat its citizens fairly. For example, in many dictatorships today, certain parts of the internet, if not all, are restricted. These people do not get to use the internet and the communication that comes with it realize their own conditions are not just. The world wide web calls these governments to remember that the government is representing its own citizens, and therefore needs to suit its policies to its people. John H. Dunning calls forth the idea that globalization, especially thanks to the world wide web, calls governments to change policies to adapt to this new world in his paper, Governments, Globalization, and International Business, “In doing so they

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