The World Without Technology : How Would The World Without Technology?

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How would the world be without technology? More importantly, how would humans communicate with each other? In the early years before phones and other technology was invented, people sent letters or even read very important information through newspapers. Over the years the evolution of technology has advanced, people depend on cars, phones, televisions, and other technology for everyday use. Technology has advanced, and people are able to access so much more information with their fingertips. In today’s society, people rely on cars to transport them from point A to B; they rely on clocks to tell them the time, and even have watches to count how many steps they took the entire day. Technology has changed the world and advanced it, making everything easier for people and information more obtainable as well.
Technology plays a major role in the world today. I depend on technology every day; I use it at school, home, to get places, and I am now using it to type this paper. The world without technology wouldn’t be stable. Technology has caused people to access unlimited information, communicate from anywhere, and it gives mobility to people. Technology is also being used in class rooms; its replacing teachers, and helping students learn. Schools use online programs to help track students’ progress on a lesson and help them in areas they need help in. They help with individual learning plans for each students, something teachers could not do. Moreover, the internet has played a

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