The World of Media: A Constantly Growing Industry

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The world of media is a constant growing industry. Media can vary from word of mouth to most technological inventions. The basic forms are: internet, radio, newspapers and television. Media has helped advance society in all business fields. Media provides us with everything from entertainment to breaking news, from daily announcements to TV commercials or from political campaigns to wanted national information. Society is shown media while traveling in transportation services, in educational rooms or offices, or even while driving from location to location. Thesis Statement. In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg created a moveable typewriting press. All books had to be written and there was never a compatible page in format. This printing press was the beginning of the possibility of media in printed form. It was also much more inexpensive when the material being written was printed. Later in the year 1810, Fredrick Koenig was able to unite the steam engine with the printing press. This gave way to an innovated form of printed media. In the year 1800, a manual operated printer was limited to the fabrication four-hundred eighty pages per hour. Thanks to Koenig’s invention, the printing press more than doubled its hourly production. The printing press progression soon gave way to the daily newspaper.
Newspaper now became the new source for information. When local news could no longer be option by word of mouth or even gossip, a newspaper was the next best thing. Although,

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