The World 's First Atomic Bomb Essay

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“If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one.” – Robert Oppenheimer. The Manhattan Project was the research and making of the world’s first atomic weapons. This was a major asset that led the U.S into beating Japan and caused the war to cumulate. The Manhattan Project brought nations together, took the necessary measure to end World War II, and gave America multiple industrial advancements used in modern day warfare. The Manhattan Project was the code name for the effort to produce the first atomic bomb during WWII. The project began in 1939, when two scientists accomplished atomic fission in uranium. These scientists were Jews, and during the Holocaust, they had to leave Germany into America. It was also operated with the help from the United Kingdom and Canada. Scientist Leo Szilard, Eugenge Wigner, and Edward Teller decided to tell the President of the United States, about the new fission technology that had been discovered. Which they believed was capable of making bombs. Most believed that Germany would be able create the first atomic bomb, so that’s why the three scientists requested the help of Albert Einstein, and together they wrote a letter to President Roosevelt describing their beliefs that nuclear fission “would lead to the construction of bombs and it is very possible…that extremely powerful bombs of a new type may be created.” In June 1941, the Office of Scientific Research and

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