The World 's First Dna Testing

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From a condom that changes color to a "ambucycle" (a hybrid mix of a motorcycle and an ambulance) -- 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for entrepreneurs. Thus far, most inventions we 've seen in the media, have been the result of successful Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns, in addition to sensational appearances at annual invention shows, like the one held every year by Pittsburgh firm InventHelp. Perhaps, though, you 've seen viral videos of science fiction style products that has the world all ears about them. There are also those 'other inventions ' where we just want to yank the plug on all the buzz. However, over the past couple of years, we 've seen nothing short of smart-buzz worthy inventions that has us wanting to throw all our money at these inventors. Below, I 've compiled a list of five innovative yet underrated inventions of the 2010s -- so far. 5. Biomeme: The World 's First DNA Testing App The complete Biomeme system for DNA testing. (Photo via Rachel Kotkoskie) Scientists might want to start hanging up their lab coats as modern technology is finally taking over the health industry. It sounds like an epic troll, but you can really test DNA samples using an iPhone app, not kidding. Biomeme, a group of tech experts led by Marc DeJohn, is changing the way DNA samples are tested -- eliminating all the leg-work for scientists or anyone, basically. According to DeJohn, the app works by using a cartridge system and a thermocycler. In only an
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