The World 's Greatest Short Stories

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The World 's Greatest Short Stories The morals and themes expressed in a short story are what give the story meaning and importance. Based on the themes of many of the short stories included in this collection, it is clear that not only are many of the morals agreeable to wide audiences, but it is also proof that people from all over the world hold many similar thoughts and values. In Guy de Maupassant 's “The Necklace”, for example, it contains the moral that social standing is not worth what many people value it to be. The couple in the story borrowed a necklace for a ball from a wealthy friend, and it disappeared that evening. Rather than confess to her friend what really happened, her husband buys an identical replacement necklace that was so expensive the family went into debt for ten years, ruining them economically and socially. After finally paying off their debts ten years later, the wife admits to her friend what really happened, only to be informed that the woman 's original necklace was a fake. “Oh! My poor Matilda! Mine were false. They were not worth over five hundred francs!” (Daley 37). If she had valued her social standings less, the woman would not have created such a disaster for herself and her husband and the crisis would have been avoided. A similar moral is displayed in Leo Tolstoy 's “The Death of Ivan Ilych”, where a man by the name of Ivan Ilych finds himself suffering from a mysterious illness that is slowly taking his life. Having made his…
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