The Worlds End is an Adventure Movie Everyone Should See Essay

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A movie that everyone should see is The World’s End. The World’s End is a tale about 5 friends who as young adults tried a pub crawl called the Golden mile. Starting with the first post and ending with The World’s End but along the way they encountered some trouble and were not able to finish. 20 years later the “leader” of these boys (Gary King) now an adult with many issues dealing with his past wants to try it all again. He goes to visit all of his friends who are all established in their careers and have a life. Many are reluctant to join but he convinces them by saying that a certain friend who vowed never to do it again is going. While on their 2 try they realize the entire town was taken over by aliens and there seems to be no …show more content…

She was with 2 robot twins, hence the name 2 headed dog and Gary saved her from them. By now they all need to escape but keep going to the bars to play it off like they don’t know what’s going on. After the “The Two Headed Dog” comes “The Mermaid” where the gang meets “the marmalade sandwich” (2 blondes and a redhead) who act as “Sirens” Like from the Odyssey and try to trap the men there. But they fail miserably. Moving along we have the Beehive. This is where everything gets more serious and kind of deep. Little do they know one friend has already been replaced but at the Beehive when they find out a huge fight scene begins with the constant “spawning” of enemies giving it the name, “The Beehive”. After that they realize they must escape and can no longer go to bars, except for Gary King because he wants to finish The Golden Mile even if it kills him. Following the Beehive is “The King’s Head” where to show that he has not been taken over Gary King slams his head into the wall repeatedly. Gary than ditches the 2 men even after they find the car to finish what he had started and his best friend was not going to let him go. The other friend gets in the car and the movie shows the other 2 being chased as they go to the next bar. While in the next bar “The Hole in the Wall” Nick Frost’s character tries to reason with Gary as he gets another

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