The World's Religions by Huston Smith: A Renowned Religious Classic

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Huston Smith -----The World's Religions Huston Smith first wrote this book The World’s Religions with the name The Man’s Religions in 1958. Since then the book has remained a renowned literary and religiously popular among the literary as well as the religious circles. The book provides a good source of nearly all the prominent religions of the world, gives us an understanding, and insight and the point of view of these religions. His first chapter of the book is Point of Departure. In this chapter, Huston explains his journey though various religions. Though it is just an overview of his thoughts and beliefs, it gives a premise of what lay ahead. In the fist paragraph of this chapter that reads: “Traditionally, When People Wanted Answers to life's ultimate questions -- Where are we? Why are we here? What does it all mean? What, if anything, are we supposed to do? -- they looked to their revealed texts; or to their ancestral myths if they were oral peoples (it comes to the same thing). Since the rise of modern science, however, they have turned increasingly to it for answers. This is understandable, for controlled experiments enable science to prove its theses; and with those theses it has remade the world. It is a signal feature of our century's close that we recognize that this turn to science was mistaken. Not entirely mistaken, for science (and its spin-off, technology) have their place. What was mistaken was to expect science to answer ultimate questions, for its

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