The Writings Of Pope Francis

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On September 22, 2015, Pope Francis arrived in America from Rome. With this visit, the news was filled with the Pope and where he was and what he was doing. One satirical news article, “Nation Thanks Pope for Briefly Bumping Trump from News” By Andy Borowitz, reported that Americans were glad that Pope Francis had temporarily “bumped” Donald Trump from the news. It talked of the fact that most of Americans were mainly happy about Pope Francis’ visit because he dominated the news instead of Trump. But other articles, “Pope Francis Surprised By Warmth of Americans and Devoutness of the Faithful” By Ben Brumfield, CNN, said that Americans were happy because it was the Pope’s first visit to the States, and the fact he is the religious leader of the Catholics and Catholicism is very strong in Europe. Each article talks about how American citizens were happy about the Pontiff’s visit. However, the satirical article was more effective of reaching the audience. Both of the articles use the appeal to emotion and pathos. They talked about how happy America was to see Pope Francis in America. In the first text, the article talks about how America is excited to see the Pontiff because he replaced Republican candidate Donald Trump on the news for about five days. With the upcoming elections, candidates are constantly on the news and people do get bored of seeing election ads. “As Pope Francis makes his historic first visit to the United States, millions of Americans are turning out to
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