Essay on The Wrongful Conviction of Rubin (Hurricane) Carter

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The Wrongful Conviction of Rubin (Hurricane) Carter

There is no doubt in the minds of many people who are familiar with the Rubin "Hurricane" Carter story that he, and the man who was convicted for murder with him, John Artis, are innocent of those crimes. While no one knows for sure who is guilty of the crime, but the one thing that is for certain is that Carter and Artis were victims of racial bias from many people who would see them in jail. This story is truly a tragic one of a promising career, and of a life that was spoiled by prejudice and one that reviles some of the ways in which, society's present legal system can fail to ensure the right of justice for people in our society.

In a 1975 Penthouse Interview Carter stated …show more content…

The reason: a sworn statement by Alfred Bello, who was a suspect himself, stating that he had seen the two men at the scene of the crime. A tape of Bello stating he was not sure that the suspected men were the ones at the crime scene apparently existed and was in the custody of the prosecutors but was illegally withheld from the jury. An all white 'death jury' (a jury in which, each person is supportive of capital punishment and are generally more supportive of a conviction) sentenced Carter and Artis to serve three consecutive life sentences for the murder of two men and a women in the Lafayette Bar in New Jersey in 1966.

Besides the anticipated hardships that accompanied a long-term stay in prison, Carter had to bare the force of other unfair actions. In April 1974 Carter was illegally transferred from the original place of his detainment, Rahway State Prison, to the Vroom Readjustment Unit at the Trenton State Psychiatric Hospital ( He remained there for three months until Carter filed a federal suit against the state for inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on him and was released from his illegal holding. Also, while incarcerated Carter was refused outside medical attention and thus, received a botched operation which, left him blind in one eye

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