The Year I Won Chess Nationals

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Twenty years ago, when I first took up chess at the age of 5, I was fascinated by the ability of the game to take a completely different direction from where it was headed with as little as one move and the endless possibilities this could lead to. By 2005, the year I won chess nationals, I had developed a great appreciation for all the information about various chess positions I had absorbed through years of practice which helped me make the right moves. Years later, working at a management consulting startup as a business analyst, I helped clients, ranging fledgling startups to industry leaders, make well-informed decisions by providing them with data-backed business intelligence. Today, with over three years’ experience in Management and IT consulting I feel prepared to make the most out of a Master’s program in business analytics that would help me realize the power that data and the value that could be extracted from it possess.

Fortunate to have grown up in a tech-savvy home in times of tremendous technological advancement, I developed an affinity to all things technology which got me interested in doing my Bachelors in Computer science which I took an instant liking to, especially computer programming. In my first year of engineering, the year following my mother’s passing, I chose to deal with the loss by immersing myself in extracurricular activities and went on to win the first prize in chess, cricket and football tournaments and finished runner-up in the

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