The Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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In the short story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” the author Charlotte Perkins Gilman displays the central idea that no one can really know how it feels to be trapped in a way, but it can quickly happen to anyone. The story would be seen through a first person narrator point of view through the narrator whose name is never actually stated in the story other than in a quote at the end of the story where she says “ I’ve got out at last despite you and Jane”, it is believed that Jane is the narrator. Jane’s husband John is seen as the antagonist as his treatments on Jane to attempt and help her go very wrong. A large mansion, which the couple rent for a summer vacation will be the physical setting, the older style of the mansion is shown when they speak of the old wood floors and ancestor hall. The story also features three different views of conflict, one view that she has with herself, one which she will experience with her husband, John, and one that she experiences between herself and society. The first person narrator point of view that is used in this short story through the eyes of a girl who remains nameless throughout the story. This girl would use very formal language to somewhat attempt to have a conversation with whoever may be reading the story. The girl shows how the conflicts she constantly faces in her life effect her, and how she suffers from what seems to be post-partum depression. The story also displays how the couple will attempt to solve the depression in the
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