The Yellow Wallpaper First Person Perspective

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The Significance of the First-person Perspective In “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman the narrator has temporary nervous depression. She is diagnosed by her husband John, who is a high standing physician. Her brother, who is also a high standing physician, agrees with John. Both John and her brother believe that her condition is not serious and there is nothing to worry about, but she believes her condition is much worst then John and her brother are making it out to be. Because of her nervous depression, the young woman, who is the narrator, no longer has any control over her own life. In the beginning of the story we learn that the narrator has nervous depression. John, the narrator husband, does not believe that the narrator is sick. Because of her nervous…show more content…
She is also starting to think that the wallpaper is the reason that she is starting to like the room. There is a pattern on the wall that she follows for hours. The narrator is confused about pattern because it goes horizontal and she is trying to figure the direction that the pattern is going in. She is determine to come to a conclusion about the pattern on the wall. The narrator believes that the pattern that is on the wall moves at night so she is even more confused about the wallpaper. Also, the narrator will sometimes wonder why John or his sister has been affected by the room wallpaper. After a while of staying at the house she started to get lazier and rest most of the time. During the day when John and his sister think that the narrator is resting she is actually study the wallpaper in the room. She is starting to feel uneasy in the room once more and wish that John would take her away from the house but John would not listen and he would say that the house was doing her good. The only way that John would leave is if he believe that she was in any
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