The Young Lords Movement Of The United States

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Part 1 1. The Young Lords Organization was sent from Puerto Rico to the United States. They went from a Puerto Rican street gang to a political party. Their purpose was to fight for the independence of Puerto Rico. They wanted to liberate Puerto Ricans in the United States from the oppression that they suffered. They were treated as slaves just like the African Americans and wanted it to end immediately. The Young Lords consisted of both women and men. 3. Black nationalism supports a racial definition of national identity. Blacks wanted independence from European society. The purpose of this movement was to gain economic power and infuse a sense of community among African Americans. Black nationalists wanted to maintain their separate identity as a people. They wanted to invoke a sense of pride in African Americans in the United States. Also, black nationalism in the 20th century was greatly influenced by Marcus Garvey. 4. Dutty Boukman was a Haitian slave. He was a leading figure in the Haitian Revolution. He was born in Jamaica. He was killed in a battle with the French army. His slave uprising in Saint-Dominigue killed many slaveholders and destroyed many plantations. He held a religious ceremony that inspired the slaves to revolt against their oppressors. 5. Francois Makandel was a Haitian maroon leader in Saint Dominique. He conspired to poison all whites in the North. Many slaves ended up poisoning their masters and people had no idea what the cause of illness was.
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