The Young Woman 's Christian Association

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This analysis will look at the Young Woman’s Christian Association (YWCA) in order to understand the organizations effective communication strategies with its audience. This is important because the organizations goals are aimed at helping empower woman and eliminate racism around the world. However, to do that the information must be truthful, authentic, and helpful to the people it is trying to impact. In my research, I looked at the YWCA’s focus on domestic violence and homelessness. Their role is to empower both genders to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness while also achieving self-sufficiency (YWCA of San Diego, 2016). They try and do this through many programs and services that allow individuals and families to recover from trauma, improve their economic status, and secure a permanent residence (YWCA of San Diego, 2016). The YWCA’s purpose is to inform, persuade, and aid its audience out of abusive relationships while also helping woman all over the world fight for their rights. The analysis of this organization movement towards fighting domestic violence and homelessness will be based off Bitzer’s model, TARES test, narratives and argument, visual rhetoric, symmetrical and asymmetrical communication forms, as well as, ways to improve the organizations rhetoric.
Bitzer’s Model
Bitzer’s model is helpful in analyzing organizations because it helps determines who the rhetor is, the exigence, response type, fitting response, rhetorical audience, and
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