The Zoo Controversy Essay

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Everybody’s been to the zoo; they’ve either enjoyed a dolphin show, or fed the penguins. Zoos have been a part of American culture for centuries. At first, a zoo could be seen as nothing more than a jail cell for animals, but today, zoos are being completely transformed. What used to be confined cages are now being revolutionized into acres of land for different species to reside in. The opponents of zoos feel that they are inhumane and harmful to animals. However, zoos are beneficial for several different reasons, including, animal conservation and captive breeding, scientific studies, healthcare, and education. Daniel Martin, writer for, wrote an article about Angela Smith who works as a Labor’s Charities Minister.…show more content…
Currently, animals in zoos are kept in well-clean, vast areas of land where they are free to roam around in a habitat where they feel comfortable. According to a TIME Magazine article, The San Diego Zoo spent 3.5 million dollars to construct a mock forest for five bears (Gibbs). The exhibit includes trees, a waterfall, and even an electronic honey dispenser. According to the article, “[w]hen the lush exhibit opened this summer, zoogoers loved it, and so did the bears. They shredded the trees and rolled in the sod,” (Gibbs). Instead of the small cages and foul odors that most people associate with zoos, many zoos spend a large sum of their budget on keeping their facilities pristine. Animal habitats are now bigger than ever, and more importantly, cleaned multiple times a day, along with the animals’ regular feedings. This further proves that zoos have made drastic improvements over the introductory zoos most people associate with. Contrary to what Smith believes, zoos are actually very beneficial for animals, one of the main reasons being conservation of species in zoos. Since their beginning in Europe in the mid-19th century, zoos have improved drastically; back then, zoos were merely for entertainment, where as now zoo owners are more aware and concerned with the welfare of their animals (Masci). With the endangered species list rising every year, it is imperative that scientists remain conscious of the number of
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