Importance Of Extinction Of Plants And Animals

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The extinction of plants and animals is a major issue that cannot be ignored by society. Although extinction and decline in population is a natural occurrence, the rate of population decline and extinction has been highly escalated because of human acts such as deforestation and overhunting. Researchers and scientists have tried to combat these issues and prevent extinction through captive breeding programs and conservation education, but are criticised for housing animals in zoos or even theme parks. These obstacles have made it more difficult to effectively protect endangered animals and educate about the importance of conservation. Dedicated researchers and zoologists also struggle when studying the behavior and ecology of these animals because of this criticism. Zoos have not always been classified as public institutes geared to entertain and educate in a family friendly way. The common zoo that society is familiarized with today first stemmed from the exotic animal collection of royal families which eventually led to both human entertainment through circuses and education through modern-day animal research programs. Obviously both are very different, but animal research in captivity, such as zoos, is still criticized. Many present day zoos are still condemned for animal mistreatment similar to that of circuses, but both have completely dissimilar goals. Today’s zoos are held to strict animal standards and are also highly regarded for the work they do to conserve

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