The apprenticeship and your role Essay

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BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care 1. THE APPRENTICESHIP AND YOUR ROLE 1 In this induction section you will show that you understand the employer/employee relationship and what someone who works in the health and social care sector is required to do. The Workbook will help you to show that you follow agreed ways of working. KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Task 1 WorkSkills: Unit 1: 1.1, 1.2 Task 1a Complete the spider diagram below to show that you understand what each component of the Apprenticeship is for and how it is assessed. • In each box, for Number 1 say what the component is for. Diploma 1. Is the certificate award 2. Online test and portfolio Employment Rights…show more content…
Select the aspect of employment law that each one relates to from this list. Aspects of employment law: • discrimination • working hours • holiday • sickness absence and sick pay • data protection • health and safety. 1 Salina was told that because of staffing shortages she would be expected to cut short her holiday this year. Aspect of employment law: Holiday and working hours 2 Although he was more experienced, Marc believes that he did not get promotion because of his sexual orientation. Aspect of employment law: Discrimination 3 Melanie has not yet attended the moving and handling of people training but has been asked to help someone with limited mobility into their bed from a chair. Aspect of employment law: Health and safety 4 Gina overheard staff discussing private information about her which she had shared with her supervisor. Aspect of employment law: Data protection Original text and illustrations © Pearson Education Limited, 2011 M01_HASC_WB_BTEC_0345_U01.indd 5 5 19/08/11 9:51 PM BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care 1 ii) List the main features of current employment legislation: • Data prodection • Discrimination • Health and safety • Working
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