The legal and insurance implications of staging a concert. Essay

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Name: Steven Jackson Email: Advanced Diploma in Event management

Assessment no.4

The legal and insurance implications of staging a concert.

Before staging a concert in a locality, there are some areas that need to be considered like:

• Organizational structure and legal status • Event Ownership • Contracts and agreements • Licences and permission • Insurance

Organizational Structures

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A limited company has named directors whose financial liability is either limited by guarantee or by shares. Setting up this kind of organisation involves to comply additional costs and time in order to comply to the company law.

! Charitable Status

Organisations with charitable purposes can apply for charitable status. Benefits include tax advantages and the ability to receive donations from charitable trusts. To qualify for a charitable status, the organisation need to deliver a clear educational or social benefit to the public.

Event Ownership

You must establish who actually owns the event and therefore has the various rights and liabilities associated with it. It must be clear if whether you have the right to enter into any contracts with third parties on behalf of the event.


In some cases, it may be necessary

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