Artist Public Appearance Agreement Essay

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The topic I picked for this research paper is "Artist Public Appearance Agreement". In this research paper, I will be explaining the process leading up to retaining the artist for the performance or appearance and what the agreement could entail. Such things as selecting the artist to the workings of the contract with the artist or artist's manager.
First, we need to start from where agreement comes into place. As a concert producer, you need to think about selecting a artist or artists for the performance. Also the date in which you wish to have the artist make the appearance. You will need to pick a date that will give you enough time to work out all the bugs and prepare accordingly for this event. You need to think of what …show more content…

Percentage fees ( fees plus percentage of net income) can be a bit more multifaceted. While flat fees are relatively simple while a set figure will be the amount paid to the artist to matter what. Many artist with their own contract will include such things as hospitality, a technical rider, fees, payments, the way the payments should be made, and the policy regarding cancellations or any type of rain dates. Frequently, the contract determination will be dependent on the budget and its approval. This is where all percentage sums of net income come into play with the indenture. The advantage of having a contract would be to avoid any form of arguments, legal issues and so on that may arise. Working out all the details of the agreement can be helpful. This way you will be able to spot light any problem issues that may come up. By doing this you will be able to fix any problems before they occur, possibly ruining your event. Also any modification to a contract should be reviewed n signed by both parties to ensure smoothness. Different states can also have many different laws pertaining to performance agreements, and you must abide by all these regulations or you run the risk of being shut down. "California law stipulates that if the terms of a contract last for more than one year, the contract must be in writing. A performance agreement– an agreement between a performer

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