Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Finding love and freedom in the nature “The right of nature is the liberty each man hath to use his own power, as he will himself, for the preservation of his own nature; that is to say, of his own life” (Hobbes). In this quote, it demonstrates that nature creates every creature with their own power. Nature would punish those people who take power from others.In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston tells us a story about Janie who has three relationships with three different men, she learns how to find freedom and true love from nature. The marriage with Logan Killicks makes her understand that marriage does not mean love; sometimes, love can tarnish the freedom of divine nature. After Janie is disappointed in Logan, she …show more content…

Death is the punishment hand to him by nature for always being a master over nature and people. For instance, he orders people to cut many car loads of lumber in order to build buildings. Additionally, he is extremely mean to the other people who live in the town but treats himself as a white person. Furthermore “Huge square toes” is just like Joe’s big white house which stands bizarrely among the other little houses. “Without sides to it, and without a roof” means that when death is coming nobody can save him because this is the punishment from nature. When taken from the perspective of nature, all living things, men, women, and animals should be equal. While Joe is developing the town, he is breaking the balance as well, thus he deserve to be punished. This also reflects under the patriarchy, Janie’s life is boring and limited. Her second marriage is dead. Nature gives back Janie’s freedom through the death of Joe. Janie’s third husband, Tea Cake enabled to truly understand understand the feeling of freedom and the eternal love is from nature. After Tea Cake and Janie go to the Big Lake Okechobee, they are attracted by beautiful views. “Ah naw, honey. Ah laks it. It’s mo’ nicer than settin’ round dese quarters all day. Clerkin’ in dat store wuz hard, but heah, we ain’t got nothin’ tuh do but do our work and com home and love” (Huston133). In this quote, Janie is very willing to do work with Tea Cake. Her willingness is very different

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