Thelma Character Analysis

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As a young woman in 2017, the 1980s and 1990s seem to have existed in ancient times. Like many young women who had grown up not experiencing your journey and tribulation during that era, I am grateful and honored to learn about it. In addition, your story exposes the traditional stereotyping of male-female relationships while being encouraging and gives another perspective to that of typical gender roles. It has left an impression of nowhere to go and that only incarceration is waiting. Thelma, when you told Louise to keep going, it suggests that seems to be your only choice for an ending. When you kissed goodbye and accelerated the car off the cliff, I interpreted this as a symbolic scene of a final escape from the ongoing struggle you and other women faced, and the validation that you experienced oppression.
It might be difficult for some to accept that not so long ago women in the United States were portrayed as secondary players, serving roles, housewives, and as “elementary school teachers and the unlucky wives of sharecroppers and drunkards” by television networks and print publication companies (Collins 13). Looking at it now, the delivered message is not that far off from your life in Arkansas that is in need of a little vacation and a break from your demanding spouse, and mental fatigue from your duties as women during that period. It is understandable why you, Louise, shot Harlan after his aggression and verbal insinuation. Also, why at that time, it seems

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