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Elementary PTEP – EDEL 470 / 490 – Block II

Thematic Units should:

• Have an attractive and informative “Title Page” and "Table of Contents". Expectations for these and all other unit components are described below under “Thematic Unit Components”. Also, be sure to review the "Thematic Unit Assessment Rubric". Do not use 3-ring binders or plastic sleeves please.

• Integrate no more than three subject areas for which there are relevant content standards – one of these subject areas must involve mathematics or social studies education. Integrating both subject areas is preferable but not mandatory.

• Teach and assess a clearly defined theme or topic that will enable elementary
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Under each content standard write lesson objectives that describe how or what students will do to meet that particular standard. Remember that if you list a content standard then you are obligated to teach and assess students ' learning on that standard. Also, make sure that you are able to explain how particular lesson objectives enabled students to meet particular standards. You will need to address content standards three times in you unit. First, by listing them here in your rationale statement along with corresponding lesson objectives for each standard, a second time in each lesson plan or learning cycle, and a third time when writing your “evaluative essay" (which is described below). Here is a suggestion. Develop your lesson plans first, along with appropriate content standards and lesson objectives; next, write (cut and paste) the content standards and lesson objectives from lesson plans into your rationale statement. Finally, after you teach the unit, explain how students met the standards in your evaluative essay.

Section 4: Assessing Student Learning – Describe how you will assess student learning relative to each content standard using preassessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment.

A. For preassessment, describe the techniques you will use to find out what students already know or think they know about the unit topic. You will need to record and
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