Theme Of Conflict In The Crucible

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Throughout history many ideologies have been established to handle social and economic conflicts. Since there are always two sides to every conflict, there are commonly disagreements about ideologies and the best way to handle certain problems. In The Crucible Arthur Miller explains how these conflicts snowballed into the Salem Witch Trials witch lead to the mass execution of convicted witches. Miller voices his opinion on social division in the story by showing how social division creates many disagreements and leads to situations similar to the Salem Witch Trials. When a group of people or government try to take total control of everyone's everyday life and their life as a whole, they are to be considered facist. They are to be considered facist because the definition of fascism is, “A way of ruling that advocates total control of the people” ( Just as the Puritans in Salem in the 1600’s could be considered fascist, the group of so called anti-fascists, or Antifa for short, could also be considered fascist despite their name literally meaning the opposite of fascism. The group was originally created in America due to the outcry over the election of president Trump, and his more hard on ways of handling economic and social problems. The group called Antifa uses violence to end the Right-wing’s attempt to express its political views on many college campuses and political rallies. explains, “so called ‘anti-fascist protesters’ clad in black and

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