Theme Of Darkness In Macbeth

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William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the best writers of all time in the eyes of many. This is due in part to his impeccable use of figurative language and literary devices. He was known to use literary devices to portray reoccurring themes throughout his many plays. In one of his shortest works, Macbeth, many different overtones are present throughout the entire play. Feelings of darkness, guilt, ambition, and distrustfulness are in nearly every act. Shakespeare portrayed these things in Macbeth because he wanted to convey the meaning each theme had. After reading Macbeth and doing much analysis on the play, I am now able to distinguish the meanings behind these themes. Darkness and the imbalance of nature is one of the most …show more content…

Macbeth is so guilty over the murder of King Duncan that he wishes he could wake him back up again and undo the terrible act he has committed. Even later in the play, Macbeth is haunted by a vision of bloody Banquo from his subconscious due to how guilty he was after he ordered his death. Even though he hid the feeling after Banquo's death, he couldn't stop the guilt inside from affecting him. The theme of guilt in Macbeth, is a representation that wrong doings aren't something that can be buried. The guilt will continue to torment until it is conquered. One can either own up to it and face the consequences, or be cursed to live a forever guilty life. Deception and treachery play a large role in Macbeth. As such, the characters begin to pick up on this and they realize that they can't trust almost anyone that they come in contact with. The witches even say, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair Hover through the fog and filthy air." (Shakespeare 1, 1, 12-13). This is a contradictory statement. They are saying that things are not what they seem. After the murder of their father, both Donalbain and Malcolm flee the country due to how little they can trust the people that are around them. Donalbain when speaking to Malcolm says, "Where we are, There are daggers in men's smiles." (Shakespeare 2, 3, 120-121). This shows how the people around them are acting. Everyone seems to be hiding something, no one can be trusted. Even if someone seems friendly

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