Theme Of Hunters In The Snow

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The true nature of man is clearly depicted in the short story “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff. This story is about three friends by the name of Kenny, Frank, and Tub. All of these men go on a hunting trip together one winter. What was supposed to be a nice, fun getaway soon takes a darker path as Kenny is shot by Tub. As the story progresses, the true nature of mankind is depicted by the actions of Frank and Tub. How they are supposed to take Kenny to the hospital, but they take their sweet time, as they are more concerned about their own petty problems. The lack of caring what happens to Kenny by Frank and Tub starts to show. The story ends as if Frank and Tub accepted Kenny would die and just drove around until it happened as they…show more content…
Which is perfect because later it is found out that Kenny is shot and it is assumed he dies in the back of the truck from the gunshot wound, just how the dog was killed from a gunshot. The very best line for symbolism is Tub mentions to Frank, “that the farmer told Kenny to kill that dog” (pg.170). This shows how just as the dog was old, the farmer knew it was time for it to die and had Kenny shoot it. Just how Frank and Tub know that Kenny will soon di, and they have accepted it as if they knew from the moment he was shot. The final literary element used by Wolff was setting, which he beautifully used hunting in the woods, which was very smart. This shows how the true nature of man can be when it is away from everyday life. Wolff really sets up the primal nature of humankind and how far away from civilization, people’s true selves come to life. Instead of rushing to the hospital, Frank and Tub stop at a bar while Kenny is bleeding to death in the bed of the truck. They stop yet again at a restaurant. During all of this, time is wasted on problems that are small in comparison to Kenny being shot (pg.169). This shows how away from civilization and the modern hustle of everyday life. People show who they truly are and how most will not change. Just that it is hidden, as if it is hidden in the woods. I selected this story because I have always been skeptical of people. This shows how nothing is as it seems. Who can you truly trust, if
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