Theme Of Loneliness In Brave New World

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Despite people being separated by differences such as our cultures, stories, personalities, even features, we all have one sure thing in common: we feel loneliness. Aldous Huxley may have not written A Brave New World with the sole intent of showing us what true loneliness may look like, but it was definitely apparent. In both A Brave New World and today’s society, loneliness is an unfailing theme in people’s lives despite constant contact through physical and technological connections.
Analysis Portion: In a society where everyone is specially designed into a social caste, those who don’t fit the mold are seen as out of place. Bernard Marx faces constant scrutiny for his looks and abnormal way of thinking. This includes his peers making constant comments belittling him, “He’s so ugly! … so small … They say somebody made a mistake when he was still in the bottle – thought he was a Gamma and put alcohol in his blood-surrogate” (Huxley 46). Even John, who grows up on the Savage Reservation, struggles with fitting in and being accepted. Although, the alternate society in the book doesn’t promote specialized castes, that loneliness carries over. Lack of companionship has left these characters very alone despite their daily interaction with others. They are considered outcasts for being different and while Bernard craves the human relationships his society lacks, John is excluded from the human relationships his society already has. Because “every one belongs to every

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