Theme Of Lysistrata

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Reading the story about “Lysistrata” made me think hard about what is the best title to replace the original. The new title that best reflects its theme, “Desire of Women Between the War.” “Lysistrata,” tells a story of women that are tired seeing their men going to war and are not pleasuring their ladies. These women from the Athens and Sparta decided to have a meeting to discuss how to punish the men who are going to the Peloponnesian War. Aristophanes explains to the women that “war and territorial aggression are substitutes for sex and vice versa (Aristophanes 783).” I thought the story was about sex because of so many back and forth sexual statements that were said in the story, but the women weren’t punishing the men for the touch of their husband. …show more content…

Some of the women didn’t desire to end the war, even though they knew it from the beginning or not. In this story Lysistrata and the other women in the room made a decision that the men didn’t agree with, these women wanted to achieve their goal by withholding sex, even though it was radical but it works, it got the job done by ending the war and the men think about what they most desire when they come home to their wife with pleasure all night. Renaming the story “Desire of Women Between the War” gives the audience a little idea of what the story captures, what Lysistrata and the women truly desire, which is the attention of their husbands, peace, equality, and family all together in one piece. Unlike the original topic, “Lysistrata,” it means “Dissolver of Armies (Aristophanes 783),” and for me, I thought of only the story would take place in war and not what about women going on strike on sex until the war is

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