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“Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women´s Prison” by Piper Kerman is a book about woman´s experience in a prison with its problems, inside hierarchical system and overcoming challenges after discharge. It talks about the upbringing of many Americans who are disadvantaged from the start, how race, orientation, class, and gender are major factors of these women’s lives, inside prison and out. Along with age and religion, all these factors are brought into relief, as characters struggle against the dictates of American society inside prison and out to try to find peace and freedom. Themes are also explored in this book, from identity and love to the need to take responsibility for one’s acts and above all manage social reform for the horrific …show more content…

Orange Is the New Black belongs in a different category, the middle-class-transgression genre. This genre also includes books from "good girls" who become strippers, alcoholics and dominatrix’s. The tales of these well-educated women follow essentially the same narrative arc: girl is bored, girl seeks salacious transgression, girl regrets, girl repudiates prior misdeeds, girl lives happily ever after. The girl never serves out a life sentence carving deadly points on toothbrushes or ends up a strung-out old lady on a street corner. Moreover, considering Kerman’s socioeconomic status, she has a decent family. Her parents are freshly separated, but still are in fine relationships with each other. She also has grandparents who are always ready to take care of her. Her family had a high status in their society (Kerman, 2011): “I came from a family that prized education. We were a clan of doctors and lawyers and teachers, with the odd nurse, poet, or judge thrown into the mix”. However, she wanted to feel and lead another way of life. She was bored after four years of studying. Nevertheless, Piper was not a lazy girl and has worked a lot in bars and restaurants, and she liked this life …show more content…

Kerman´s work shows the life in a prison from the other side. The author describes the humanity of all these offenders. Kerman is convinced that most of them are innocent and unfairly imprisoned. However, real life and problems of a prison are not revealed properly. Piper has not encountered real problems, in exception, one prisoner has reprimanded her for picking all the spinach out of a salad bar. Moreover, it is the middle-class-transgression memoir without the real honesty, as her narration is about women who were simply bored and turned to crime in the search of new impressions during the time of

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