Theme Of Racism In Song Of Solomon

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In 1977 Toni Morrison published a novel she titled Song of Solomon. Forty years later, it has gained international fame, being well-received by many including Oprah Winfrey and former President Barack Obama. Toni Morrison’s arsenal of novels vary from her first novel: The Bluest Eye (1970), to her most recent: God Help the Child (2015). All of her novels share a same general theme—race, especially blacks in the United States. Song of Solomon takes place in the Midwestern United States, the same place Toni Morrison grew up in. During the Great Migration, many blacks emigrated from the South to the North for many reasons, one of the major ones being to escape racism. Unfortunately for them, racism still existed in the North, and Morrison encapsulated that problem extremely well in her novel Song of Solomon. In this novel, Toni Morrison utilizes imagery to illustrate the horrors of racism and discrimination. First off, Toni Morrison uses imagery to project what racism does to blacks and their feelings towards other people/races. Guitar believes that “‘If Kennedy got drunk and bored … He might join a lynching party’” (Morrison 156). This quote provides imagery of the prestigious president joining a lynching party. Here Guitar suggests that President Kennedy who is white, were to get inebriated under alcohol, would probably join a lynching party to lynch blacks. The common racism against blacks in this time period rubbed off onto Guitar and turned him into a racist against
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