Theme Of The Psychological Lens In Salvage The Bones

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Salvage the Bones through the Psychological Lens

Is Eche actually as emotionally strong as she’s portrayed to be? The psychological lens will explore Eche’s thoughts and feelings towards Manny. Throughout this novel, Eche struggles to stick up for herself with the feeling she has towards Manny. Using the psychological lens in “Salvage the Bones”, by Jesmyn Ward, readers will see how Eche gets emotionally weak when she’s with Manny or thinking about him. Although Eche has a tough personality, it doesn’t mean it’ll truly stay that way throughout this novel.
Eche has loved Manny for a couple of years now. In Chapter 3, Sickness in the Dirt”, Eche recalls her love for him.“I loved Manny ever since I saw him kissing that girl. I loved him before he started seeing Shaliyah” (Ward 56). Esch has decided not to tell Many about the baby just yet. She’s afraid of losing him because although she does display many feelings towards him, he views her nothing more as a toy he gets to play around with. Because of this Esch feels insecure and afraid. What if he’s not in the baby’s life? She’s trying to pull herself together at this point and prepare to tell him soon, but with Shaliyah in the way it only makes everything harder. Eche is jealous of Shaliyah because Manny “loves” her rather than Eche herself. All Eche has ever wanted was to feel loved by Manny. Nothing else, nothing more. Although, he never will love her.
Eche wants Manny to take her in positively, to understand her, to love

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