Theme Of The Sight Of Father's Back

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The Sight of Father’s Back, as we all know, is one of the masterpieces of Zhu Ziqing who is regarded as one of the intellectuals of May Fourth New Cultural Movement. As an outstanding prose writer, Zhang Peiji has produced tremendous literary works, and many of his proses are highly appreciated by both domestic and overseas readers. Zhu Ziqing’s works, mainly about narrative and lyrical sketch, can be classified into the following three themes: the first type describes the social life to attack the dark reality, the second one portrays the natural scenery and the third one is related to family life in order to depict the emotions between father and son, wife and husband, and among the friends. The Sight of Father’s Back belongs to the third theme. Zhu Ziqing’s father writes a letter to him, contending that: “I’m all right except for a severe pain in my arm. I even have trouble using chopsticks or writing brushes. Perhaps it won’t be long now before I depart this life.” The letter touches his thoughts deeply and reminds him of bygones eight years ago when his father sends him to Peking University. This is the reason why Zhu Ziqing writes The Sight of Father’s Back, in which he …show more content…

A Contrastive Study of Lexical Cohesion in the Chinese and English Version of The Sight of Father’s Back, published by Zhang Xiaocui, has put forward that lexical cohesion not only helps to keep loyal to the original text, but retains the cohesion in the version’s discourse.[5] Moreover, A Comparative Analysis of Stylistic Language in the Chinese and English Version of The Sight of Father’s Back provided by Du Hua indicates that through careful selection of words, meticulous choose of sentences and overall comprehension of discourse style, Mr. Zhang Peiji’s version has surpassed the bondage of surface structure of the original text and achieved similarity in

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