Theme Of V For Vendetta

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In the graphic comic “V for Vendetta”, V is a masked anarchist fighting for justice by attacking the government and the people who have done him wrong in the past. He lures the fascist party out of the shadows and encourages citizens to take charge and change their way of life. This novel reveals many controversial themes: anarchy, revenge, power of symbols and freedom, the factors that make up a great comic. The sources I found were very reliable and easy to understand although it did take me awhile to find them. After two days of looking for sources I found one that provided a summary of the comic, quotes, themes and character analysis. I read the comic on a website which had a variety of many others. It was very helpful but I needed more information and a better understanding of the story so I came across It was basically the only website I used to get all the information for my essay. After an hour of researching I decided to write my paper over the themes of V for Vendetta, which were plenty enough to write a five page essay. Litcharts gave me quotes from each theme found in the comic and the page number. Although I am only using two sources I am confident of the information I have gathered for this essay. V for Vendetta takes place in England, mid 1990s and illustrates flashbacks to the 1980s. The government is taking over life for the citizens and things are not going to change. A radio station is broadcasting nonstop with one voice the people can
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