Themes In Eleonora

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The story “Eleonora” by Edgar Allen Poe is about the love between the narrator and his cousin Eleonora. Eleonora soon grows sick and while she’s on her death bed the narrator makes a promise to her that he will stay loyal to her until he dies and they can be together again. After she dies, the narrator soon leaves their old home and goes into the city where he meets Ermengarde and falls in love with her. After Eleonora’s death she watched over the narrator leaving signs she is. Poe employs symbolic scenery and double motif to enhance the theme of forbidden love and the instability of the narrator.
The symbolic scenery Poe invokes makes the love between the narrator and Elenora seem forbidden. When we first find out that they are a couple, the narrator tells us that, “No unguided footstep ever came upon the vale…to reach our happy home, there was need of putting back with force…”, which gives off the feeling that they are all they have (2). The couple seemed to feel that their love was enough to live off, so they seclude themselves, having no outside contact. As they begin to fall more in love, the scenery changes with them, “the passion…strange brilliant flowers…where no flowers had been known” (9). While they may seem to be crazy in love, remember that she was just a child. The passion they felt goes along with the quote; Their relationship was strange and surprising like the flowers that just sprouted. As soon as Eleonora dies so does the scenery because, “the star-shaped

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