Themes Of Christmas Shopping

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In Mrs. Brandt’s story, she talks about several emotions she feels throughout her experience of going Christmas shopping. She goes from feeling nervous, to excited, to dread. While she wasn’t in major trouble she was shown the power of her life decisions, and how her choices affect her family, and herself. Brandt’s story starts off talking about how her grandma was going to be taking her, and her two siblings Christmas shopping. During this trip Brandt finds a 75 cent Snoopy button that she absolutely loves, but doesn’t know if she should buy. She then makes the ultimate decision to stick the button in her pocket and commit her first crime- shoplifting. Once she exits the door she is stopped by an older gentleman telling her that he had caught her shoplifting. He then tells her that he is calling the cops and she is going to jail. This doesn’t register with Brandt at first, but as she is being taken away by the officers everything becomes real. Shortly after she sits down in her cell her parents arrive, and tell her that she has been punished enough by going through her experience, and they go home in silence. While all of this was happening in a short amount of time Brandt, and her family were feeling several emotions at once. At the very beginning of her shoplifting story Brandt is excited to be going shopping. This suddenly changes to feeling nervous once she commits her crime. It says in the text “As we headed for the entrance, my heart began to race…” (Brandt, pg

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